You Can Now Shop Cora at CVS, Target, and Kroger

Now is a time that can be categorized as anything but ordinary. From the health of our neighbors and the strength of the medical frontlines to the economics of our country and our own fight to remain sane during an unprecedented lockdown, it’s OK if your stress levels are peaking. But one thing you should never have to worry about is your feminine health. 

That’s why Cora has partnered with grocery stores and drug stores nationwide to make access to our products accessible to all. It is our mission to expand our reach to women across the country by providing better for her—and better for the world—period care. 

Since our founding, we have celebrated the force of nature that is a woman—no matter where she happens to live in the world. With every Cora purchase, we not only provide pads to girls and women in need in developing countries but health education, too. Through this cause, we help to keep more girls in school, since many drop out once they hit puberty. By donating organic feminine hygiene goods to these neighborhoods, we are breaking age-old cycles of poverty and shame

Now, we want to ensure American women also have access to high-quality, chemical-free cotton and plant-based tampons, pads, and liners. Or for those women who choose menstrual cups, our silicone is safe for continual use, too. The expansion of Cora into national retailers like Kroger, Target, and CVS shows our desire to reach you where you shop and make it easy for you to purchase products that are designed with women’s health and environmental safety in mind. Considering our segmentation study revealed that the vast majority of women shop at these stores for their feminine products, we believe more will be able to try and see the difference when using an organic option. 

And since we can’t ignore that we are in the middle of an unprecedented pandemic, as COVID-19 continues its spread, we also know every decision is a big one. To pick up the mail—or leave it for a few days. To disinfect a cardboard box—or to wear gloves. To go to the grocery store once a week—or once a month. 

For the health and safety of you, your loved ones, and the greater good, we hope by having more convenient access to our products during your shopping trips will put you at ease. Since at Cora, we always want to encourage kindness and education, we challenge you to take these actions the next time you stock up:

Buy a box, give a box

Through Cora’s social impact partner organizations, we have provided over 10 million pads, along with reproductive health education, to girls in need in Kenya and India. But the need isn’t just beyond our borders; it’s also in our backyards. We also donate products to help the estimated 25 million women in the United States who live below the poverty line and who do not have consistent access to period products. We are also fighting against the ‘tampon tax’ that exists in 38 states since they label menstrual products as non-essential. 

Even though we already provide pads and education with every box you purchase, if you are in a financially stable position and can afford to give back even further, consider donating a box of tampons or pads every time you buy one for yourself or your family, through an organization like Simply the Basics. You can read about other organizations that accept these goods—even during the pandemic—to see just how far this simple gesture can go.

Educate your circle

When you need a recommendation for anything—a product, a service, you name it—who do you turn to? The people you trust the most. And when it comes to feminine care, it’s likely your best friends or female family members whose wisdom you value. If you are a fan of Cora, we encourage you to become micro-educators yourself. Since there’s no mandated transparency around what feminine care products are made of, it’s hard to know what you’re getting when you purchase tampons, pads, and so on. So, talk to your friends! Host a Zoom to discuss why this topic matters. Come up with ways you can support one another to have healthier, happier, and chemical-free periods.

Shop safely

Making a run to the store for period products shouldn’t put you—or those you’re quarantined with—at risk. Though having accessible organic Cora goods at your local retailer is a positive shift, we do not encourage more in-store shopping. You should still follow all safety precautions recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, by wearing a mask and maintaining six-feet of distances between others. 

In addition to purchasing a subscription online, you can now shop Cora at CVS, Target, and Kroger


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