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Cannabis Lube: An Ally in Reclaiming Sexual Pleasure And Minimizing Menstrual Pain

by Allison Walton

Cannabis lube, already making waves in the bedroom thanks to its pleasure-enhancing and orgasm-stimulating effects, has purpose and power beyond simply feeling good during intimate moments. It’s a wonderful ally…

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Judge Brett Kavanaugh: A Reading List

by Megan Lierley

You’ve likely seen headlines this week splashed with Brett Kavanaugh’s name. He is President Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court seat left open by Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement. Today, as…


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I had a miscarriage

Why Miscarriages Aren’t Failures

by Meg Fee

Sixteen weeks into her second pregnancy, Jessica Zucker experienced spotting. Two days later she miscarried a baby girl. “My [first] pregnancy went beautifully,” she tells me. Four years later, she…


rejuvenating ovaries

Manipulating Menopause: Should You Rejuvenate Your Ovaries?

by Jill L. Ferguson

In July of 2016, a research team led by gynecologist Konstantinos Sfakianoudis at the Greek fertility clinic Genesis Athens shocked the menopausal world by declaring they had found a way…