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12 Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day During the Coronavirus

Whether you’ve experienced a birthday car parade, virtual happy hour, or even a Zoom wedding, celebrations over these past couple of months have certainly looked different than what we’re used to—and this Sunday, many of us will experience Mother’s Day under lockdown. While some people are used to spending Mother’s Day apart from their moms, either due to distance or no longer having mothers here with them, this year may be the first time for many that they won’t get to celebrate in person. Thankfully, with technology and a little ingenuity, Mother’s Day this year can still be a successful and fulfilling celebratory occasion. 


One of the most popular Mother’s Day activities is to take your mom out to a nice brunch. Although it may not be quite the same, you can still enjoy a lovely brunch with mom from the safety of your home. Be sure to plan a couple of days ahead and invite loved ones to a virtual brunch event. Some ideas for making it more special? Send out food (and cocktail!) recipes in advance so everyone can cook the same meal from different kitchens. Or, order her favorites to be delivered. Plan a special toast for mom or have everyone come prepared to share a favorite memory. Whatever you plan, the important thing is spending time together, albeit virtually. 


If you’re lucky enough to live near your mom, consider decorating her front door, garage door, or mailbox so she can wake up to a surprise on Sunday morning. Streamers, balloons, flowers, a homemade wreath, or even a poster with some family photos printed are sure to brighten her day when she sees this visual representation of your love—even if you’re not there to see her reaction. 


Wine can be a great way to unwind from the day, which is especially important during these stressful and uncertain times. If that’s true for you and your mom, consider a virtual wine tasting together. The best way to do this is to select a variety of wine bottles you can either drop off yourself or use a service like VineBox to send a flight of wine to mom’s door. And since a wine tasting isn’t complete without cheese, either drop off off a few stinky, delicious ones with mom’s wine delivery, or if you’re sending from afar, consider sending cheese from a local, artisan shop like our Bay Area favorite, Cowgirl Creamery. 


Making this Mother’s Day a special one for mom can be as simple as watching a movie together. Video chat while watching the same flick, or try to press play at the same time and call her as soon as it ends. Choose one of mom’s old favorites or if you really want to make it special and relaxing, choose a few and have a movie marathon, checking in to chat after each one ends. 


If you were ever away for school or homesick and mom sent you a loving care package, now’s your time to return the favor with a sentimental Mother’s Day care package. Either drop off or mail a care package to mom full of her favorite things and make it extra special with photos, treats, games, family heirlooms, handwritten letters, etc.


With our phones, it’s easier than ever to enjoy some quality time with mom even when she is on the move. Plan a time to go for a long walk “together” and chat via FaceTime while you each enjoy some fresh air. If your situation or neighborhood permits, you can share a virtual picnic or even show each other around your favorite local park. 


If you express yourself best through writing, all mom really wants anyway is to know you love her and a poem or letter would do just that—and make an excellent keepsake for years to come. If you feel comfortable, you may even want to read it to her over video chat. We often assume our loved ones know how we feel but sometimes it’s important to tell them…especially in these trying times when we could all probably use a few extra words of affirmation!


There is certainly no time like the present to try a new hobby you and mom are both interested in. Either ask mom to teach you an old family recipe or if she’d prefer, teach her a favorite you’ve picked up. And if it’d be more fun and relaxing to learn something brand new together, try an online cooking course! There are plenty of options to check out, such as Cozymeal, Masterclass, America’s Test Kitchen, and 18 Reasons, etc. Learning a new recipe or meal plan together is a great memory-making experience you can continue to take part in together long after the pandemic ends. And you don’t have to limit this activity to just you and mom—get the whole family involved and create a new favorite dish everyone can help out with next time you’re all together. 


Order a set of paints—or tie-dye with a white sweatshirt or coloring books and colored pencils—to be delivered to both you and mom and have a virtual craft night together. Find a class online or simply wing it and let your creative juices flow together. 


If your mom is the person who gave you your sense of wanderlust, why not plan a future trip with your mom for when things settle down? Grab a glass of wine, hop on Zoom, and once you’ve decided on a location, browse hotels, landmarks, activities, and transportation and get excited for a dream getaway for the two of you. While it probably feels too soon to book flights or secure dinner reservations, it’s the time spent together that matters and all of your pre-planning will come in handy when it comes time to actually pack your bags. 


You and mom can take the spa home with you by staying warm and cozy and pampering yourselves all day long. Send or prepare a spa package ahead of time so mom can spend her day indulging in activities like face masks, mani/pedis, massages, bath bombs, etc (and while you’re creating your care package, you might as well save some supplies for your own day of relaxation!). 

Regardless of how you celebrate mom this year, remember that it’s all about making memories together and making the most of the time we have with one another.

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