Live Event Recap: Female Founders Talk Sexual Wellness in Quarantine and Beyond

On night two of The Well virtual series, we spoke with four female founders in the sexual wellness space about the industry, how it’s changing during quarantine, and what they hope for the space in the future. 

Our panelists were Eva Goicochea, founder and CEO of Maude, a modern sexual wellness company; Brianna Rader, co-founder and CEO of Juicebox, a sexual wellness company whose primary product, Slutbot, encourages sexual exploration; Mia Davis, founder and CEO of Tabu, a community and content platform that helps users make informed decisions about the body, sex, relationships, and mental health; and Liz Klinger, co-founder and CEO of Lioness, a sexual wellness company that developed a biofeedback vibrator that shows users data about their own arousal and orgasms. 

One common thread of the discussion was the uptick these founders have seen in their products and content—Liz mentioned that their team has never had more requests for replacement chargers. Brianna agreed that Juicebox has really benefited from this strange moment in time, with a huge uptick in Slutbot usage starting in April that she hypothesizes is due to people being on their phones more, along with facing feelings of boredom, loneliness, and a desire for intimacy. 

We covered how sexual desire felt a bit polarizing, especially at the beginning of quarantine, where people were either turning to sex and intimacy as a salve to chaotic, uncertain times—or the stress of COVID caused people to have no desire for sex at all. 

Quarantine and 2020 aside, the founders aligned on their hopes for the future of sexual wellness: There is a general desire to see big changes in the drugstore aisle that is populated with brands that historically have marketed to men and men’s needs and sexual desires. Eva hopes for a less gendered approach to sexual wellness, reminding us that sex is a human thing. Mia concluded by stating that she hopes we, as a society, feel more comfortable funding and promoting products that cater to pleasure for pleasure’s sake. 

We’re working on getting the recordings of all events live on the site and will update this article once they’re up!

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