Introducing Cora’s Ultra Thin, High Performing Period and Period + Bladder Pads

Since Cora launched in 2016, we’ve had two major goals: 1) to provide innovative, reliable period products in modern, non-fussy packaging, and 2) to dismantle period stigma for all women, everywhere.

We launched with organic tampons, which received an incredibly positive response from women seeking an alternative to drugstore tampons filled with toxic or unreported ingredients and packaged in noisy, pink wrappers.

The journey to a better pad

Seeing that women truly wanted better period products, we began looking around at existing pads on the market. Even new brands were offering bulky, diaper-like pads. After a ton of customer research with hundreds of women to understand what “the pad of the future” should look like and how it should perform, our team spent a full year working with top designers and material engineers to bring our truly innovative pad to market.

In that time, we created a pad with the modern shape our customers wanted and a Patent Pending design with channels to maximize the pad’s absorbency. We used the most cutting edge new materials, making the pad 50 percent thinner than other ultra thin pads, and eliminating more than 20 toxic chemicals found in typical pads, like chlorine, rayon, polyester, and fragrances.

Addressing light incontinence

In our research to create a better period pad, we talked to so many women who were using pads they hated to manage light bladder leakage. Previously, light incontinence has been treated as something experienced only by older adults, even though it’s often experienced by younger women and can be brought on by any number of the natural changes a woman’s body will go through such as pregnancy and giving birth, increased physical activity, or body mass changes.

We wanted to address the issue of bladder leakage in a way that let women on the younger end of the spectrum know that we don’t believe they’re experiencing bladder leaks because their bodies are broken or shameful, but because they’re incredibly powerful, and that this experience can be easily managed without indignity or embarrassment.

By showing younger women they are not alone in their experience, and creating a modern, design-led solution that women can use during their periods as well as for light bladder leaks, we are helping to remove the shame women have felt about their bodies. With our tampons and now with pads, Cora has always strived to dismantle stigmas.

Cora’s giving model

Around the world, millions of girls stay home from school during their periods because they can’t afford menstrual products. These girls and women use rags, plastic, sand, ash, and other potentially harmful substances to manage their periods. In many communities, they are shamed and ostracized simply for experiencing this natural life occurrence. Many girls—one in four in India—drop out of school once they reach puberty. This dropout rate decreases by 90 percent when a girl has access to menstrual supplies.

Our giving model for pads and liners is the same as it is for all other products: with every month’s supply of products delivered to a Cora subscriber, we provide a month’s supply of period pads and reproductive health education to a girl in India through our partner, Aakar Innovations, and with every product purchased at Target, Cora gives 10% of profits to provide pads to girls in Kenya through our partner, ZanaAfrica.

We believe that all women and girls should have access to the products and information she needs to manage her period and her health safely and with dignity.

Get the best period + bladder pads today

Our pads are now available for purchase via our website and at Target. Learn more about our period pads here and our period + bladder pads here.

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