Editor’s Note: International Women’s Day and the #FormerCurrentChallenge

Being just another organic tampon brand has never been the end goal for Cora, the company I started five years ago after a life-changing trip to Kenya. While there, I met a girl named Purity, who told me that she and other girls in her village often missed school because of their period. 

From the beginning, Cora was created with girls like Purity in mind. We’ve always provided period products and reproductive health education to girls like her around the world, so that every girl has the opportunity to fearlessly pursue her dreams and create a more equitable future. Our future. 

On International Women’s Day we want to celebrate girls around the world—the girls we were and the girls that are.

Former girl. Current bad-ass, pioneer, healer, hustler, survivor, believer, champion, warrior, you

Through our #FormerCurrentChallenge we’re asking women to share their former/current photos and story of personal evolution—to remind us of the girls we were and to show girls today the infinite career paths, relationships, hobbies, passions, and journeys they can turn to for guidance—although we always recommend defining your own. 

For every post, Cora will provide pads and health education to support the future of girls in need. 

Our stories are powerful. Let’s tell them for good.

Former Girl, Current Changemaker

Is there any advice you wish your former self could have received from your current self?

Trust your intuition about everything.

What’s your greatest hope for your future self?

That I’ll make space for myself to live more like an artist.

What’s a hope or wish you have for girls growing up in 2020?

That they know how powerful they truly are, and they have all that they need—right now—within them to have, do, or be everything they want.

“[Girls] have all that they need—right now—within them to have, do, or be everything they want.”

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