Gift Guides 2018: For the Well Woman

For the woman in your life whose idea of holiday cheer is less spiked eggnog and more downward dog, our final gift guide celebrates the well woman. This woman cares deeply about understanding and caring for her body, ritualizes self-care, and is your go-to-gal for the latest wellness trends. To wish her a happy, healthy holiday, we gathered up the most nourishing gifts for the well woman in your life.

gift guide for her

  1.  Parsley Health gift card, any amount, for her to get supplements or even a consultation with this modern, holistic healthcare provider.
  2. Ritual “Essential for Women” daily multivitamin, $30/month, a thoughtfully imagined vitamin that only contains nutrients lacking in most diets, because she cares a lot about her body and doesn’t buy into pseudoscience.
  3. Modern Fertility test, $199, because she’s a planner and loves to know what’s going on in her body, and because this company makes fertility information super accessible to women on the go.
  4. Ask Me About My Uterus by Abby Norman, from $16.99, to provide her with historical context of women’s pain within the medical industry so she can help fight for wellness for all women. (Read our review here.)
  5. Saje diffuser, $89.95, along with one of your favorite essential oils, to keep her space feeling energized and fresh.
  6. A subscription for Cora tampons, starting at $8/month, so she knows exactly what she’s putting in her body each month while her subscription funds pads for girls in need.
  7. Mate the Label t-shirt, $64, made with 100% GOTS certified organic cotton, so she can look stylish while wearing clothes that are good for her body and good for the planet.
  8. Biossance gift set, from $24, so she can test products from a brand that makes effective, beautifully packaged skincare products without harming animals or the environment.
  9. Pukka Turmeric Glow tea, $4.99, because these protective, nourishing herbs create a tea to celebrate life, while tasting delicious and made by a company focused on sustainability and wellness.

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