At Cora, we celebrate every stage of womanhood, and there are few transitions more exciting than the role of ‘the new mom.’ From chic accessories, to a brilliant book on the often-overlooked fourth trimester, to our own made-with-love products for new moms, we’ve rounded up our favorite gifts for the new mom on your shopping list:

gift guide for new moms

  1. The Cora Maternity Gift Box Set, $49.99, so she’s set up right away with essentials like nipple balm, belly butter, body cloths, and bladder pads for those brand-new-mom moments.
  2. Ingrid & Isabel MAMA denim jacket, $128, because she’s not like a regular mom, she’s a cool mom.
  3. Willow wearable breast pump, $479.99, so she can easily pump on the train, in the office, or while she’s spending time with her loved ones.
  4. Wildbird sling, $89.95, so she can keep her babe close while staying hands free to text you adorable new baby updates.
  5. WMN Space’s WMN Sitz Bath, $20, to support her postpartum healing with something luxurious (it might help to throw in 30 minutes of babysitting so she can bathe in peace!).
  6. Gathre bib, $12, this wipeable, vegan leather bib allows for the messiest part of motherhood to still be beautiful.
  7. The Fourth Trimester by Kimberly Johnson, from $12.76, to remind her that just because she’s given birth doesn’t mean her body and mind are the same as they were nine months ago, and that that is totally OK.
  8. The Colugo Compact Stroller, $285, an easy-to-carry, collapsable stroller that will help her feel totally empowered to take baby grocery shopping, on an airplane, and on adventures together.
  9. Storq Nursing Tank, $52, so she can feel super cute, even while nursing.

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