If you’re lucky enough to be stuck in isolation with your significant other, why not take advantage of this time for some increased intimacy? Along with taking care of yourself during isolation, it’s important to take care of your partner, too. Hopefully, we won’t encounter something like this again, so be sure to use the extra time to grow closer to your beau and make all of your wildest wet dreams come true. Here are eight tips to make the most of doing the deed in quarantine.

Create Your Perfect Space

You’re going to be spending a lot of time in your home for the foreseeable future, so invest some time in creating an inspiring environment! This could mean taking a day to tidy up and organize that underwear drawer, wash your bedding, and light some candles. A relaxing, romantic, and comfortable living area will make quarantine that much easier and lead to more time for fun in bed. 

Come Prepared

Few things are worse than when it starts to heat up in the bedroom and then you realize there’s an obstacle in the way– like not having contraception available or your partner having trouble getting hard. However, these problems are avoidable even when we are encouraged not to leave our homes, with delivery options. Stock up on condoms and birth control pills so you don’t have to stress over a lack of protection. If your partner suffers from erectile dysfunction, encourage him to try a medication like Cialis so that he can stay hard and you can carry on with getting it on. If anyone is experiencing a lack of sex drive, there are also online counseling options for sex advice. 

Role Play

Everyone’s heard of role play and how amazing it can be, but have you ever worked up the nerve to try it with bae? This underutilized tool for sex can spice things up and turn fantasies into reality. Talk with your partner about what scenarios you think would turn you on and then come up with a plan to act it out. Common role play scenes include doctor & patient, teacher & student, boss & employee, or just two complete strangers. Decide what you want to try first and go all out. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and just laugh it off. Since we will likely be in quarantine for a while, it’s okay to take the time to practice. By the time this all blows over, you and your partner will be pros at role play. 

Do It Around the House

It’s no secret that everyone dreams of doing it on the kitchen counter and in the shower. There’s no better time to get kinky around the house than now, especially because you have all of the disinfecting wipes necessary to clean up afterward! This might be a bit trickier if you have other roommates besides your significant other, so this isn’t recommended unless you want to make a game out of trying not to get caught. 

Try Period Sex

Since we don’t know how long social distancing is going to be enforced, it’s pretty much a guarantee that if you get your period monthly, you’ll get it during quarantine. Don’t let this keep you from enjoying sexual pleasure with your partner. If you haven’t experienced period sex yet, well then are you in for a treat. Studies show that women are hornier when they are menstruating, so don’t miss out on this increased sex drive. Talk with your partner about any hesitations or limitations before you get started. Just keep in mind that being on your period isn’t an excuse to have unprotected sex. Pregnancy is still possible, so stay safe and use contraception as you normally would. 

Play with Toys

With all of this extra time on your hands, why not use a little something extra other than your hands during sex? Sex toys add an extra layer of fun to sexy time and are an excellent way to get you and your partner off. Vibrators are perfect for female orgasms, cock rings help with male orgasms, and BDSM toys add in some extra mischief and kinkiness. Experiment with your partner to find some new ways to pleasure one another!

Watch Porn Together 

Now, this might sound like an uncomfortable situation, but give it a chance. Watching porn with your partner is a great way to learn what the other likes and might spark some inspiration for things to try. Porn can also help set the mood and be a fun way to masturbate together if you need a break from traditional intercourse.  

Remember it Later

If you are feeling extra adventurous, remember this time in isolation by taking sexy photos of each other or create your own sex tape. You can look back on this time and get inspired by all the sex you had. If you do decide to watch porn together, you can search for video ideas to make your own personal movies or set up a self-timer and have your own photoshoot. Before you do this, though, just be sure that you 100% trust your partner. Keep these files safe by putting them in a password-protected folder on your computer or external hard drive. There are also apps available to safely store and share private content. 

These eight ideas are just the tip of the iceberg on how to enjoy quarantine with your special someone. Sex has been proven to increase happiness and relieve stress, so go ahead and have as many orgasms as possible during this time of uncertainty!

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