Ask Kait: How to Enjoy Sex While Camping

Michelle asks…

I’m going backcountry backpacking with a boy (and his two dogs for a total of five dogs and two people) for five days. Sex advice? And it’s probably TMI, although probably not for you, but I squirt, sometimes kind of a lot, especially in novel situations! Help!!

Michelle, this was the first question that truly stumped me! I’m a city girl through and through—and allergic to most everything in nature. So I reached out to some fellow sex geeks who also happen to love the great outdoors.

Here are their super smart responses about how to enjoy sex while hiking and backpacking.

Don’t Forget About Clean Up

“BABY WIPES FOREVER” –Bianca Palmisano, sexual health consultant Intimate Health Consulting

“Consider packing chux [disposable underpads] for the tent, and/or tick repellent for outdoor sexy fun. And a damp washcloth or two in ziplock bags, depending on how close they will be to water. Also, while sex on a sandy beach seems romantic, cleaning out sand from the genitals kinda sucks.” –Gwyn Isaacs

“Much depends on camping versus backpacking. You need to pack out anything you pack in, including chux and wipes. If she’s chill with that, fine. Otherwise, I recommend sex in a sun-warmed lake or stream or standing, or anything that won’t drench her sleeping bag. If the quantity [of squirting] isn’t great, a highly absorbent sports towel might be an option. After use, it could be rinsed in fresh water and clipped to her pack for drying while hiking the next day. And may I suggest that her partner literally help carry in/out the extra supplies or clip the absorbent towel to their pack?” –Melanie Davis, PhD, New Jersey sexuality educator

Stay Healthy

“All that camping means to me is a UTI. For the love of god, bring cranberry pills, pee after sex and drink a lot of water.” –Hannah May

“Wash your hands before you stick them in people (or use gloves, which is what I do).” –Marcia Baczynski, sexual communication coach

Deprioritize Intercourse

“Deprioritize intercourse (always, but especially on rocky terrain!) Intercourse on hard rocks, sandy soil, etc., can be much harder on the body. But getting hand fucked up against a tree, on the other hand…” –The Pleasure Mechanics

A Park Ranger Weighs in on Sex While Camping

“Ranger here. Remember that ‘Pack it in/Pack it out’ applies to all those used baby wipes, condom wrappers and such. Bring ziplock [bags] to stuff all your messy trash into so that it doesn’t goo up your pack. If you’re in bear country, lube, condoms and baby wipes also need to be in your bear canister—even when they’re still sealed.

If you haven’t tried combining backpacking and sex before, be prepared for the possibility that you won’t like it! It sounds romantic, but also you’ll be dirty, the ground is hard, sex on sleeping pads is inconveniently slippery and squeaky, and at night it can be *cold*. Be ready to be cool about it if either partner finds themselves feeling not sexy.

Many folks find that making time for sexiness during the day when it’s warm and you’re not in your tent works better. If you’re far enough backcountry, you can just be naked out in the open. You don’t have to risk messing up your tent. Just be near a body of water or have an extra full water bottle nearby for cleanup.”

However you decide to get it on, I hope these help you find freedom in pleasure in the great outdoors!

Kait xo

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