menstruation Denmark

Everywhere, Period: Denmark

by Blood + Milk Team

Natasha Brock is a comedian based in Copenhagen, Denmark, where she’s from. Natasha contributed to our Periods Around the World series, where we’re aiming to demystify periods everywhere. How old…

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Birth Control + Abortion

herbal miscarriage

The Bloody Truth: Why Miscarriage Is Sometimes a Choice  

by Jo Murphy

“Miscarriage.” “Abortion.” Notice the difference in how you likely respond to each word. The first is laden with loss, while the second sounds out shame. But, really, it’s all semantics….


Pregnancy + Birth

Samantha Paige Last Cut

Mother’s Truth, Mother’s Courage

by Jo Murphy

Truth, for Samantha Paige, lives in the body, since hers taught her what she most needed to know about life and motherhood. Both a cancer survivor and the creator of…

Pregnancy Loss

miscarriage pregnancy loss

A Mother’s Journey Through Infertility and Pregnancy Loss

by Megan Lierley

Kayti Sullivan’s roller coaster analogy is likely relatable for most women who have experienced fertility struggles. “It starts when your period comes and you’re crazy disappointed. After a few days…



How Weight Impacts Menopause (and How to Manage it)

by Bubble Bordeaux

Severe mood swings. Irregular menstrual cycles. Hot flashes. These are just a few of the typical symptoms associated with both menopause and perimenopause. These are symptoms I’ve watched friends and…